Degenerating of goods


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No, there are different rates for different places. Things degrade faster when they are in your backpack or lying on the ground than when they are in a container.

There used to be a difference between different containers as well, but as off v.183 all containers have the same rates. But before the update, outside containers (corpses and backpacks) made meat (raw and cooked) degrade slower than inside containers and med kits were the best place to store matches. This might be implemented again in the future (I expect it will).

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Thanks for letting me know of the results of the great "Test the degeneration of pungent smell of death of the bloodied raw venison freshly cut" :-)


At least this is something I noticed meanwhile and put all stuff in containers or lockers that I won't have a need for right now. Even cute, tiny matches.

Pretty sure the devs will as well change the behaviour of the degeneration of goods as the game progresses.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.