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The magnifying glass?

I've only seen it in the trappers cabin. And I've been curious if it has a chance of showing up elsewhere. I'd love to get a 500 to 1000 day game going, but that won't happen without the magnifying glass I think due to the degradation factor of matches as well as simply the limited number of them.

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I will say that if I don't find the magnifying glass I know that my run is limited (it can still be pretty long, but it's pretty limited).

I use those runs to try out different tactics, to search the maps for good views and interesting spots.

If I see the glass at the trappers cabin I don't touch it! I save it until I have no matches left and that's a VERY VERY long time. When I get meat I wait until the oldest is about ~20%. Then I go out and get more food (likely another wolf/deer double kill). I then start a fire and cook EVERYTHING and make GALLONS of water until I'm so exhausted I'm at abou 40% status.

I only need to start a fire every couple of weeks at most this way.

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