Harvesting UI always shows a knife inconsistency


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- Harvesting meat/hide/gut UI inconsistency

- Bug description

When harvesting meat/hide/gut, the "Harvesting" time bar comes up and illustrates that the player is harvesting. The issue is that if the carcass is warm and the player does not use a tool, the harvesting dialog to the left of the Time Bar shows a knife. If the player selects a hatchet to harvest with, the Harvesting dialog still shows a knife to the left of the Time Bar.

This needs addressed with a simple Hatchet image and simple Hand image so the player is more aware of their choices.

If they have a Hatchet that is 15% condition and a Knife that is 80% condition, the Hatchet is the default selection when you're carrying both and the player may not be aware that they are further degrading their Hatchet when they meant to select the Hunting Knife but forgot. Showing a picture of a Hatchet to the left of the time bar instead of a knife is much more consistent and also informs the player of their selection (while they have nothing to do but stare at the screen and the picture) so they are better informed and can select a different method or cancel the action if their harvesting tool is in very low condition.

It also keeps the Harvesting UI consistent with the method chosen for harvesting

A picture says a thousand words :)

- OS (PC) Win7 x64

- Repro steps: Harvest any animals meat/hide/gut with any tool or hands. Knife picture is always shown no matter the player's harvesting tool choice.

- Coordinates in the world: anywhere

- Visibility: always

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Because the Harvesting screen comes up the same regardless of what you choose to do the harvesting with and its a separate screen so what good would a screenshot showing the knife do besides indicate the obvious? It would not indicate what tool you chose. Also, I love typing. :P

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