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Here in Finland (at least on northern Finland where I live) we have some 1 meter of snow during winter and -35 celsius temperature is not uncommon if wind is blowing down from north, so it was easy to adapt TheLongDark atmosphere :mrgreen:

I just love this game and have purchased 2 gift codes through Steam for my friends + Director's Cut earlier this week (still waiting for delivery of that boxed dvd copy of this game) and now I'm waiting for that next BIG update that was postponed to this week ... and moving my stuff slowly to the Coastal Highway from Mystery Lake / Camp Office, for it was said to be accessible through Coastal Highway only.

Would have never made it to this official forum if there wasn't a sticky thread on Steam forums to do so ;)

So, hello to all fellow survivalist on this harsh, not forgiving, but very enjoyable world of TheLongDark...

Best regards,


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