tld.exe stopped working


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Bug name: tld.exe stopped working

Bug description: leaving and entering a house on CH near gas station several times because there was a wolf waiting for me outside every time I left the house. So when I went back in I slept for an hour and tried again. Nothing unusual so far. When I again left the house I all of a sudden fell very, very deep and saw the whole map from far below. I immediately hit screenshot, but too late. The game didn't react anymore and a system note told me that tld.exe has stopped working

Repro steps: no, never occurred to me before

Screenshot: I tried but I couldn't capture one

Coordinates: I didn't restarted the game yet. I rather wanted to post it. I will restart the game later and will update the coordinates. Hope the save game will still we there!

Visibility: -

Log file: attached


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