Help! I can't SEE my legs! :)


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I've been thinking about TLD and immersion and I've concluded that we really need to see OURSELVES.TLD is a game about me in the environment. In order to fully feel immersed in that I need to be aware of my body.

When my gloves are wet and frozen I need to be able to look at my hands and see the state my gloves are in, my hands red and raw from exposure.

When I am frozen and exhausted and can not go another step I need to see my legs as I drop to my knees, my hands half buried in the freezing snow.

I need to see myself warming my hands on the fire I just built in the shelter of a copse of trees.

The games about the interaction of my physical self with the environment. If I can only see the environment it is half baked. I can't just be a floating camera in a game like this. Think of the way you can see your flailing arms when you jump off a cliff in games like the Far Cry series. It adds so much to putting ME in the environment.

I'm wondering if this is a limitation of the Unity engine or a design decision or something Hinterland plans to get to later.

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A sound idea, me thinks. I once ran around the better part of a day with no jeans on! LOL a little detrimental to my health~

I've been running around with only rabbit mitts and deerskin boots on for days on end. I was trying to see if I could scare off wolves with my pale naked body :P Okay, maybe that last part isn't true.

I've actually been running back and forth between the Camp Office (my current base) and the Coastal Highway map to relocate my supplies in preparation of the coming update and the new map. To maximize the amount of supplies I could carry, I was wearing only the mitts and boots. Together they give you +8C, plenty if the weather isn't too bad... Not very realistic though, to see your cold bar drop while running outside almost naked in -5C with a good wind blowing. I think I'd literally freeze my ass off if I tried that IRL :lol:

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LOL --- too funny- I see it now fuzzy bunny mitts, leather Indian boots all laced up, and a big blurry censorship blurb in between :D

As you say, though. this really wouldn't wash IRL - Hinterland might wanna consider a little strictness of attire for good health. Up the necessity for certain apparel, lets say.

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