This should have gone down differently.


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I was hunting the deer and chased it around the small island on frozen lake. Giving chase, it was soon a case of the hunter becomes the hunted.

I stopped, and turned tail, flight over fight...for this had happened.


It was so quick I thought the deer would knock me over, or skewer me in a defensive rampage. I think I felt actual fear for my life. I must point out here that the deer ran straight towards me. Usually they break away but this time I think it was pretty determined.

But, accepting my fate I turned to take this snap. And lived. Like a king.

The deer, also fleeing for it's life, ran straight passed me, and the wolf. The hunter, having become the hunted, had once again became the hunter.


Now, I don't know about you, but I expected this to go down a bit differently.

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I had something like that happen to me in real life. Only it was a bull moose chasing two off leash dogs. I'll never forget the singular expression in his moosey eyes as he plowed through the thicket right toward me, his hackles up and tines swinging down into battle position.. The dogs were too fast for his anger, but I wasn't. So I got to do my Curly impersonation and fly off into the devil's club. Didn't get stomped or gored, thankfully.

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