Miscellaneous items and another rifle spawn location


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As I crawled my way through a half-ruined coastal townsite, I found myself thinking "What if I could unlock all these cars?"

I think that the addition of car-specific (and possibly door-specific and locker-specific) keys would be an interesting addition to the game.

Finding keys in the glovebox of a car, or on a mantelpiece, or in a bowl by the front door would give the player a little puzzle to work out. "Where does this key unlock?" finding the key to a container would mean that your prybar is conserved, and afterwards you could craft it into a fishing lure.

As an incentive to finding the key instead of outright forcing the car open, perhaps forcing doors/car trunks could attract the attention of wolves in a nearby radius, and have a possibility of damaging the stuff inside.

additionally, after exploring the Quonset gas station, I thought "where are all the oily rags?". Whenever I've been in a workshop of any kind, I've found these ubiquitous cotton cloths used to soak up lubricant and oil spills (When I was on my Engineering course, so many of these clothes turned up, as most of my classmates were clumsy as hell with the oil canisters)

Oily rags could be used as an alternative tinder and as well as that can be combined with firewood to make a torch.

Additionally they can be dropped as a decoy to ward off wolves (I've found that my dogs get really interested by these rags, they spend ages sticking their noses into them, and when they pull there nose away, it sticks to them and they spend ages trying to pull it off, it's quite funny to watch) they would prevent wolves from being able to follow your scent by overpowering their sense of smell (effect only lasts 15 in game minutes, enough time to get away)

Finally, i would like to request the occasional spawning of a rifle behind the quonset gas station counter. It may be a quite town, but I still think shop owners have some form of home defense (I know this isn't the US, and that you folks in Canada don't have a NATO arsenal stashed under your beds like your insecure cousins over the border (Just kidding, folks from the US, we still like you))

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