[Mac] v0.3 | Weird arse graphic problems ??


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Im playing the game, full screen and then I swipe across to another Desktop to either work in Safari to report bugs, or in mail to check. I have opened Finder and in on of the screen caps, finder is on the right, and the whole window is taken up by weird graphics, but you can see they are from TLD with the green grey and can even see some of the Artwork. ??

21" 2012 iMac with 16GB RAM and it ONLY happens when TLD is playing on a FullScreen Desktop.

I can play any other game on this Mac and I don't have a Graphics problem, so is this a Bug of some sort where TLD Build isn't playing nice with the OS ??

I have Attached the Unity_Player.log here is the All_Messages.log db | All Messages and here is a crash report from Steam but was back on the 18th db | Steam Crash from 18th Jun

Steam Window on the right | Safari underneath | and Finder on the Left


All over the place


Steam Window on Right, Safari underneath and Finder on the right


The whole window engulfed with weird graphics


Now, this fox came up flickering when I was in Mail, BUT it was the size of the 21" screen and was broken and mangled. Couldn't get a screen cap of it, but it did come up for reference.


Im out of Full Screen TLD now and everything is going along nicely, but as soon as I go full screen again, I get the graphic again . . .

Need any more logs, let me know.


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Guest Alan Lawrance

Thanks for providing the details on this -- the cause for this isn't immediately obvious, so it's something we are going to have to try and replicate. Do you happen to know if this only started in v03?

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Thanks Alan, I was more looking for feedback.

No I did notice it in the earlier build, but wasn't as obvious, because I didn't get out of the game when in full screen as often, but now submitting more bugs, I am 4 finger swiping to my Safari Desktop out of the game, stopped in Limbo by hitting escape with the Menu up.

It seems to happen if I have had it in that state for a while,(stopped playing to do other things) and from what I can see here, is it doesn't seem to be releasing memory, in Activity monitor is reading (now after doing a play through and then starting a new sandbox) Real Memory @ 2.56GB.

I also have a process called gameoverlayui which is a Steam Process and its currently 'Not Responding' ??

Ill keep it in a state where I have started a Sandbox and then hit ESC so its sitting in Limbo for a couple of hours and seeat what stage the graphics play up again, and ill get some more Activity Monitor reading.

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