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Hi all !!

I've stumbled upon this:

Sure some of you guys already have seen that, it's the first prototype footage of TLD. Nice to watch AND at the 2:20 mark, you will see a grey wolf !! Yes a nice grey wolf, more difficult to see than the actual black ones.

Now, I know that the game showed back then was one year away from the Alpha release and that it was surely meant to be technically modified but it's about the color, right? Why have they ruled out grey wolves? It would be really nice to have them back :) !!

Also, look at the tree branches and leaves or at the fire camp. Maybe I'm pointing useless things but I found those effects better than the ones we have know. Especially, trees are moving much more under high winds, which seems natural, than they do in the current version...

While the actual game is beautiful, the prototype footage shows some better effects IMHO. Again, these are just minor points. Personal preferences let's say :mrgreen:. But I cannot help but wonder why we have only full black wolves now...

To finish, I would like to copy/paste some good suggestions (as this thread is about, nothing more, nothing less) proposed by user Mr_T and that is:

- coal to be found in houses for long burning fires

- using game’s bones as resource: marrow as good food; bones for knifes and needles

- different detection radius according to wind direction (hunt and get hunted)

- small trees & shrubs: not necessarily as crafting resource, but for visual ambiance or coverage while creeping up on game

- crafting a torch: gives light & can be used to keep wolves at bay

- freezing water in bottles (I guess i would take one close to the body to keep it from freezing. But the rest...) __ Or, I would add, just use the fire (pit) to melt it again __



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I actually like the idea of a grey wolf. Only 1 though. A special one. That stalks the player.

For instance, when you're wandering around or checking traps you notice him up on a ledge peering down at you. Or from a distance peering at you. Sometimes following you around but then seemingly disappears. Creeps you out. He's waiting for the moment to strike and the player can feel it. The player is being watched from a distance, studied almost, by a killer. It could be over time that this grey wolf gains 2-3 followers as well increasing the threat. The others will not attack without the grey's first advances.

Would be seriously creepy to be gathering traps or fishing or traveling and look up on a ledge to see 1-4 wolves peering at you like their next meal from a distance.

And eventually attacked at some point in the game. Life and limb kind of attack with possibly a scripted sequence afterward should you come out alive or outsmart them.

Would be interesting and add tension.

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