List of thoughts from my longest play through


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I died fourteen days in at the Mystery Lake, which was impressive for me.

  1. I played as the female protagonist, whose voice acting I vastly prefer. I hope it's possible to play as a female in story mode. Ideally I'm hoping that story mode will be voiced by the same actor because I felt they did a great job with that character.
  2. During this play through I visited all locations and noticed there are no female corpses. What gives? It stuck out to me.
  3. I own another survival game that's much more in the horror genre. I don't like that game but I love The Long Dark.
  4. The atmosphere in this game isn't exactly welcoming, but my favourite thing about it is that it lets the wilderness speak for itself. After a while of wondering around and observing the silent landscape, the truly frightening thing that the protagonist experiences is the horror of being completely alone. No one is coming to rescue you. You have to fight through by yourself.
  5. I feel like the character speaking to themselves occasionally emphasizes this rather well too.
  6. I think that that level of morbidity is enough- it would annoy me if The Long Dark started moving into the horror genre. There aren't many jump scares in this game and I like that. Basically, the atmosphere is good and rare, something I've not seen much in gaming. Now I'm looking for games that are similar in tone to this one.
  7. On my last day, when I was certain I was going to die, I felt a chill go through me a little at every wolf howl. It was a wolf that killed me.
  8. Not an idea I had, but one that I loved: The ability to keep a journal. There could be an option to share your journal online in such a way that someone else could find it in their own play through when you die. One corpse per play through, so as not to get overwhelmed by dead people diaries. The corpse would change appearance based on the gender of the person who died. If someone liked a found journal enough they could share it online. On these forums? On Steam?
  9. In an attempt to get the Beneath A Starry Sky achievement, I tried camping directly next to my base (the camp office). I was surprised that the building itself didn't block some of the wind; it was impossible to put a camp fire next to it.
  10. The best way to safely kill wolves is to wait for them to charge you and shooting them in the head instead of getting them from behind while they munch on a deer. I wasted two rounds before realizing this. Here's hoping my next run will be better.

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I think the best places for the starry night achievement is the ML fishing hut at the far end of the lake. Rarely any wolves, a stove to keep the fire going, and shelter from wind in 3 directions.

Jackrabbit Island is also pretty good. There's enough space on the porch to build a few fires that are protected from the wind, and still place your sleeping bag.

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I really love the idea of a journal-- In a real-life situation such as this, if I had the luxury of pen and paper, I would definitely enhance those long hours with some creative sharing of the experience. Conversely I would really enjoy reading about ....OH, hold on! If I read others journals while playing I will likely get many spoilers for the game- which I do not want!

I am starting to get the impression that this game will run out of game-time all to quickly, since things will run out- like pants, knives. hatchets and rifles- ultimately leading to no gut and no snares - game over? So sad...

Little Fox~

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