Ammunition box turned into a single round


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Bug Name: Ammunition box turned into a single round

Bug description: I stacked all the ammunition in a single box, and it changed when i left the location it was in, and came back.

OS: PC, windows 7 x64

Repro steps: Grabbed all the ammunition in both maps, with a result of 45 rounds. stacked them together, and dropped it in the lake office. Went out of the office, came back after a few seconds (A wolf was in front of it and i came back inside to grab the rifle) and the box of ammunition dissapeared, and was replaced by a single cartridge. EDIT: IT WAS ONLY THE GRAPHIC WHAT CHANGED. the 45 rounds still exists, and you get them when you grab the cartridge.

Visibility: 100% of the times. If you drop more than one cartridge, it will show the "Ammunition box" graphic until you leave the location. when you go back, it shows a single round, althought the value is correct.

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No. I edited the post to add that it is only the graphic what changes during the bug. The bug is still running. I can load up the savegame and it shows up.

Moreover. I found another 5 rounds, and, oddly, when i leave both boxes in the ground of the office, walk out, and back in, the newly found 5-round-box doesn't change the graphic, but the old 45-rounds-box becomes a single round.

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