Lit Lantern Hiss Persists (FIXED IN v.04)


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Order of events:

  1. Walking around with lit storm lantern equipped
  2. Place bedroll, lantern is not equipped, but the hiss continues (I believe it was also dark now too)
  3. Hit "H" to re-equip, nothing happens
  4. Hit "2" to pull out lantern, lantern is now equipped, unlit, and hissing
  5. Click mouse to light, lantern is now lit
  6. Click mouse to extinguish, lantern is now extinguished, hiss continues

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  • Hinterland

Ahh..ok, I see. The bug is that you should not be able to stow a "live" lantern. We've had this before and I thought it was fixed, but it may be back. Not being able to stow a lit lantern would ensure there is no hissing. Using the quickslot 2 should select the Lantern with the most fuel (when there is more than on lantern in inventory), I believe.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Yeah, I confirmed the lantern is always turned OFF when it gets returned to inventory (either through toggle with the "2" key or the "H" key). Note that the lantern goes offscreen (and stays ON) when you do things like search containers, then goes back onscreen when the interaction is finished.

One bit of relic code still in v0.3 was to "remember" whether the lamp was ON when you put it into your inventory, and then it gets turned back on automatically when you take it out. We did this since you used to put the lamp back into your inventory whenever you interacted with something (thus turning it OFF), and it came back out when you were done, and you had to re-light it.

Since we just move the lamp (and flare) offscreen when doing interactions now, this auto-turn-on is no longer needed and is removed for v0.4

Kind of a long explanation, but sometimes these things have a lot more detail in their function than appears on the surface.

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