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Morgan le Fay

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Hello everyone. Longtime gamer chick here, who was thrilled to get TLD as a Christmas gift.

I usually gravitate toward RPGs (I've been a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls games since Arena first came out in the early 90s), and also have logged tons of hours playing the more casual RPG/sim type games (like the Harvest Moon series and the Rune Factory games). Over the past few years, I've gotten into the survival horror genre (I really enjoyed the FEAR series, Amnesia: the Dark Descent, and Bioshock).

I love being scared (in a safe, controlled environment :D ), and TLD seems to fulfill some of that. There are some seriously creepy locations (Carter Dam), and I'm very interested in the psychological aspect of being perhaps the last survivor of a catastrophe.

I really love the immersive aspect of TLD, and the beautiful artwork and music, and can't wait for the new update to come out, and to eventually try out the story mode.

BTW: Does anyone catch themselves thinking things like the following after seeing common household objects? "Can opener...I can harvest that for scrap metal." "Sardines! That's enough calories to spend a couple of hours at the crafting table." :lol:

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