Where is bunker on my game???


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I"m playing my second longer game and atm I"m on 26th day of survival.I visited all locations on Mystery Lake map,only The Dam is left now,before I move to CH map.

But,here is my problem...I visited also all 9 known locations,where bunker can spawn,but it was not there on any of the 9 locations.How come? Or there is more locations of bunkers? :? If that is so,then I will forget about searching for bunker in this game.

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Players keep forgetting - those "Known 9 Locations" were from an early version... that doesn't mean they'll be the permanent spawn locations.

The devs may leave some as they are, delete some, add new locations, or even just move around some spawn points in various versions.

Just because a bunker doesn't seem to be in any of those earlier locations doesn't mean it's not elsewhere on the map ;)

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Oh,I see.Well,it is obviously I don"t play game for long time,so there is alot for me to learn about.I heared about TLG first time one month ago or so...so I didn"t have time to check all actuall happenings arround game trough its updates.

I just thought bunker is there placed to be found. That bunker is one of clue places of game.I gave to bunker too much meaning,that"s true.If I think again,I must give you both right.I agree,that bunker is special place,which contains great boost of loot.Also,I can agree,that we can last without bunker.I have no problem with food and if you know,how and where to get to food,there will always be enough of it to survive long,long time.

I"m learning slowly,but in time I will be better and better survivor.Thanx to both for your replies. :-)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.