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I know this is nit-picking but one of things that Mackenzie said didn't seem right to me: "Never would have thought to look here." as I'm searching a container. Clearly I, and by extension Mackenzie did think to look there. I feel like the line could be made to express the same surprise, so long as the context was shifted to be about the object found. Like: "An odd place for this." I apologize, I'm not a writer, just trying to express a point.

PS: Feel free to add other Immersion based comments to this thread. This is but one small example.

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  • Hinterland

It's good feedback, Ray. Sometimes lines on paper don't quite work when they're integrated into the game. That one does seem to stand out as being a bit odd. The line should actually be more like "didn't expect to find that here", so chalk it up to sloppy writing on my part. :)

I think we'll pull the line. We have many others that might serve better in place.

Regarding the subject heading -- this is subjective so feel free to ignore, but I dislike this use of "immersion". I understand what you mean, but as game developers we are often on the wrong side of the "immersion" discussion, as it is so entirely subjective and really 10 people will offer 10 different points of view on what is immersion-breaking or not.

I think, what you mean, is that this line is out of place. Perhaps it "breaks immersion" by being out of place. It remains out of place even for people for whom it does not "break immersion". Immersion is the younger, harder to pin down (and often misunderstood) brother to "suspension of disbelief". We can argue that this line breaks suspension of disbelief because the line is at odds with the player action and therefore pulls you out of the experience.

Forgive the argument over semantics. The point about the line is well taken and much appreciated.

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I wonder who owns this stuff.

Defiantly not the corpse !!

But I can see what your getting at. There are quite a few places I have heard Will say something, that is just down right "out of place" within the context of the action I'm performing. Im happy to read though that Raph posted they have quite a few lines in their arsenal, so really makes me look forward to getting out of the sandbox and into the Story.

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