Incentives to make new cloths instead of repairing


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I was just repairing my jeans for the 10th time or so when I thought that this is kinda silly. Would I repair my jeans 10 times in RL they would be full of patches and fall appart quickly, especially in snowy conditions. Also, because you can repair the same cloths indefinitely you really have no incentive to craft new cloths other than boredom or harvesting for cloths.

To counter this I came up with two ideas, don't know if you like it (I'm not sure I like it myself :D) but it would fix the issue.

The more often you repair the same cloth

- the lower are your chance of success until 0%, or

- the faster it's condition drops over time up to say 5 times as fast as "brand new" cloths

I like the second idea better, because for one it is closer to reality but more importantly it's more planable. With crafting, except with a success chance of 100% you always risk a failure so it doesn't matter if your chances are 20% or 60%, it's still a wager.

With condition dropping faster I can somewhat calculate how long my supplies will suffice before I definitely should change it.

What do you think about this, do you see this as an issue at all?

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I don't really see the benefit to repairing cloth with more cloth. In my mind, speaking from the "Stalkka experience" you should only use cotton clothing as a stop gap to get yourself enough wolf pelts and guts to sew up a wolf outfit. It is tremendously better equipment and renewable. You can forage for wood almost twice as long with one of those and the craftable mits, in warmer weather you can be outside for hours if in a protected spot. No need to build a fire. Save the cloth for bandages, in fact as the other clothing wears out convert that to bandages as well, don't fix it.

I haven't tried to fix the wolf pelt coat up yet but I would imagine it takes wolf pelts to fix. The pivotal cost will be, does it make more sense to repair a coat or build new when it comes to number of uses on sewing kits. Each wolf pelt coat you harvest yields 2 cloth as well, and from that 4 bandages, which can help you stay sustainable.

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Repairing the Wolf Coat costs 2 gut and 2 leather, Deer Skin Boots and Mittens 1 gut/leather.

I actually never was so bold to even try to life only in crafted clothes, but you actually got me an idea. It's not ideal but at least I can survive without a sewing kit (which again is nowhere to be found :x ).

With full cloths on (not all repaired) I get 18C bonus, with only crafted it's still 14C, that's actually not to bad, only have to be more careful of blizzards but it sure is the better alternative then to harakiri because of lack of a kit lol.

Thanks for pointing that out ;)

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