What is the 1 thing you enjoy most about The Long Dark?

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the charisma, and no zombies


The Old Bear!

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12 hours ago, kaneeze63 said:

Hi, I really like the the underground bunkers, that have loads of food & drink. If only these bunkers also had spare Ammunition as well as a gun. That would be a very exciting find. 

Some of them do. There are different types of bunkers, specifying in something. There’s food, medical, firewood, and gun bunkers. All of them will contain their specific materials, and sometimes others. Ex, a food bunker may still contain medical supplies (but you’ll never find a gun unless it’s a gun bunker).

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Well after my first run through and my character died from blood loss I actually felt bad (I was dumb enough to attack a bear....) and a game that can make me feel like that...you can't get much better than that.


As for in 5 words.....An experience like no other!

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