Should wolves be able to climb stairs?


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I'm standing inside the small wooden structure next to The Unnamed Pond and a wolf is continuously trying to attack me by running back and forth at the base of the stairs. I'm glad I'm safe (although escape will be tricky), but I think it ought to be able to kill me since there isn't a barrier (door/loading screen) between us.

Although, wolves could easily go through/over fences too, which just adds more complexity...



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  • Hinterland

Interestingly, this is how I died during my longest personal best run. I made a run for this blind and then got "stuck" up here as wolves circled below.

We should probably make the ladder a bit higher to make it more realistic that wolves wouldn't be able to get to you. I personally like that you can be close to them but just out of reach.

(If you manage to hit one with a lit flare, it'll run and might just buy you the time you need to escape...)

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Wolves could climb stairs if navmesh gets generated on the geometry (it currently is not here, deliberately). In this case, I agree with Raph that it's the right call from a design POV to give the player refuge from wolves in the blind.

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