Walking the Nile

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I just watched all four episodes of this most extra ordinary documentary:


This guy is walking probably as the first person ever the whole length of the Nile through jungle, deserts and active war zones. It's not entirely about surviving in the nature, although by the end of ep one a very dramatic scene reminds the viewer of how important proper preparation is. When he walked through South Sudan though I began to question this guys sanity lol, they were shooting everywhere. And when he got out of there as a reward, he got a cow piss shower :D

I loved very much the part where he traveled the Sahara south to north for it reminded me of my own trip through the Sahara in the southern part of Morocco. We were fortunate to experience the same warm hospitality as he did, those are very amazing and kind people. And we also lost a camel once lol.

It's not TLD survival but nevertheless about surviving in the most unwelcoming environment imaginable and I highly recommend you watch it if you have the chance ;)

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