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I've compiled a list of possible GUI improvements during my current run, some of them are of a bug nature, others pure convenience functions. For easier reference I numbered it, it's not ment as a ranking.

1. A "Transfer all" function for getting stuff out of or into containers

2. A "Harvest all" function for harvesting meat

3. A "Cook all" function where you can cook all raw meat with one click for the duration of the fire keeps burning

4. Uncooked stuff should always be pre-selected before "cooked but cold". It happend so many times to me that I was cooking herbal tea and after 10 rounds or so I realized that I was heating up the same cup at least 6 times.

5. In the Harvest window, always pre-select the tool that does the job the quickest

6. The ability to reverse the sort order, so the lightest stuff will be on top for example

7. Remember the sort and category after a game reload. It works already as long as you are in the game, but when you quit and load again, for every container you open, the category on you is selected as "All, alphabetic order"

8. Calories count in the sleep window seems to be off. I had exactly 1800cals when I went to sleep (stalker) for 12h, which according to the preview should cost me 900cals. When I woke up I immediately checked my cals, I still had 1079 instead of 900 as one would expect.

And the last two ones are controversial and I only see a need for them because of the current state of the game, especially 10:

9. Notify the user by turning the number of hours to sleep red when by this time the user would die, given the current conditions. Inside a house this concerns only starvation and dehydration, outside also the freezing, but only as if the temperature would stay the same as it is right now. It's up to the player to judge the risk of the weather changing dramatically.

10. Let us schedule eat/sleep. Say I have 6.5l of Water on me and 9000cals in venison, instead of having to sleep for 12 hours, drink 0.67l and eat 800cals, rinse repeat, I could simply tell the game that I want to sleep for 5 days and it would automatically take the supplies I have, of course while only allowing to schedule as many days as one has supplies for.

This would deal with the issue a lot of players including myself find the most boring about TLD. There's nothing todo once you're stocked up other than sleep/eat, so why force us to do it manually when the whole process can easily be automated? Players would still have to track condition of all their gear so it doesn't fall appart during that time, it's simply a convenience function that takes away the boring repetive task of clicking through a week of eat/sleep. It also would quite possibly mix up the LB again because more players would reach the end game of TLD.

What do you think about this suggestions, any other ideas?

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