Risk of injury when performing tasks without tools


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As anyone who's handled firewood without so much as heavy gloves or who performs a repetitive task over and over already knows, when you do something without tools to make it easier, you risk hurting yourself.

I see people posting how, on marathon survival runs, they avoid using tools for some tasks to make them last longer.

In real life, if you try to harvest meat from an animal bare-handed, you might break a nail or get cut by a bone splinter, and it might get infected - or, you might just strain your wrist from tearing so hard for hours.

Collecting firewood? A deep splinter can be painful and lead to infection, especially if you can't get out all the wood.

Basically, any time you forego the use of a tool to make a task easier, you risk some type of repercussion.

Should be reasonably easy to code a chance of injury into performing tasks, and would lend more realism - do I use my knife and put a little wear on the blade? Or do I pull gut bare-handed and risk repetitive stress?

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