Leather/Wolf Hide/Rabbit Pelt

White Fang

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I assume this is all still being tuned, and the fact that my search did not yield this already being brought up makes me wonder if it isn't discussed somewhere else. At any rate; it seems odd that I need wolf to craft the coat (and rabbit for the mittens), but I can't use those materials for repair. After enough repairs I think my wolf skin coat has become a deer skin and recycled boot coat.

I like the idea of specialized materials for crafting (to ensure you have to do different things to craft those clothing items) and I also like the idea of simpler repair by just needing the generic leather... but... maybe there could be option to harvest the wolf hide/rabbit pelt to get leather for repairs? Though the deer may have to provide deer hide at that point to keep from being able to make deer skin boots out of rabbit.

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