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Well- my name is Little Fox...this is my Indian totem name, given me by a dear friend. My ancestry is part north american Indian. Algonquin to be precise- mixed with french Canadian. Actually, my gr, gr,gr,gr grandfather was Jean Cadieux, a pretty famous voyageur, who married a native Canadian Indian girl. Interestingly, he died in the harsh Canadian wilderness after a couple years of being lost! :shock:

You know ... I had not even thought of that until I started introducing myself? :o If you're interested in a real life that faded into the long dark you can look it up online.

So I guess you could say this game plot is almost personal for me. :D

Jean Cadieux was also a poet as I am. I'm a Quebec'r, born and raised on poutine-lol (cheesy, i know!) :roll: - et bien sur que je parle le francais courament. I'm 44 years old, with two recently grown boys, and a younger daughter. Wish I could say my life was as exciting as my ancestor's was, but heck nahw - just a run-o-the-mill existance, enhanced by this survival adventure. :P

So- that said- just wanted to say hi to everyone. Loving this game. It's definitely a one of a kind breed, executed beautifully. I've been looking for a game of this genre for years! Still working on the sandbox challenges...nonetheless I am looking forward to the eminent story quite eagerly.

Think I'll go wage war with Fluffy now ... might not be back .........

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