About older save and new update


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yes lexicroft i recognize ur username im from the steam forums too. the devs mentioned on their Facebook page on one of their responses that their aiming to have the old saves be compatible with the new build, so technically ur place is still at the leaderboards if ur old save is compatible with the new build unless they decide to restart the global leaderboard tally. try to post ur concerns here, i try to veer away from the steam forums for now so we can start a solid community here at hinterlandforums.com

Thanks you for fast answer :)

because if it not compatible , i'm gonna suicide before update :lol:

devs should active post new things they added or planned if they want community flock here , because bird flock when there is feed :P

like "Hey we add new weapon . We added new animals to the game, What do you think about NPC, etc"

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