Let me tell you a story...


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Sit close to the fire, son, and let me tell you a story.

The story of a man, and a wolf.

That man woke in the cold Canadian forest after the great blackout and walked, walked for a long time, seeing no human life amongst the ruins of the past. Often during the night, he'd hear the distant call of the hunting wolf, each night coming closer to his resting place. As the wind howled against the cabin he'd bunked in during the night, he could hear the creature sniffing around on the other side of the wooden wall. And as the day would dawn, he'd walk, again, farther and farther, exploring abandoned dams and towns. And always at night, would he hear the wolf searching for him.

Some say he still walk the ruins, and that always after him comes the wolf. Others say the wolf got him, or that one morning, he had enough and went out with his old rifle to chase it away. Me? If anything, I think they now walk side by side, travelers of a world that has gone dark.

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