Dying hope - a survival story

The last one

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This game really inspired me. Its gripping atmosphere and the sheer desperation of not knowing what might kill you, it made me want to write something down.

So here it is, my journal of survival, first episode:

Day 5

Less than a week and already I’m beginning to doubt I’ll make it. I’ve been lost in the wilderness and haven’t met a single living human being. Where is everyone? What the hell is going on here?

The wolves have gone crazy, I don’t know what’s got into them. I ran into one in the clear cut, at first I thought it would avoid me but it jumped straight for my throat. I had to fight it off with my bare hands. One good punch finally made it run away, but I was bleeding heavily. Half-blind and freezing I ran up a slope to where I had seen a lookout. The climb was agonising. Muscles I never even knew I had were aching, and I could feel the ice crystals beginning to form in my blood.

Going up the stairs of the lookout was torture; when I finally got there – drained of blood, exhausted and freezing, I nearly fainted. But good heavens above, at least there was a stove inside and – more importantly – a door. I never thought I’d be so happy to see a simple door. It keeps the bad things out. A simple barrier between my fragile human body and the terror of nature unleashed.

I knelt in front of the stove, throwing bits of chairs and tables in it to get a fire going. I knew then that I had to start from the bottom up. And by that I meant all the way down at the bottom of everything – of the food chain, of human evolution. If I had a pocket knife I’d have carved an image of me on my knees, making a fire – the beginnings of survival, of life. And right next to it I’d add that primordial image of fear, that silhouette that’s haunted humanity’s dreams since we could walk upright – the big bad wolf.

Instead, I started writing this journal in bits of paper I’ve found. I’ll probably end up burning it for fuel but for now it helps keep me sane.

That’s what I’ll have to do. Stay sane. Stay alive.

Simple enough.

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