Different light status inside / outside (found in v.03)


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I started a new game at daylight. (screenshot 2)

Then I entered the Camp Office. And all was black. (screenshot 1)

Then I left the house again and the light returned. (screenshot 2)

Note: I was in the situation before (entering a room which was completely dark). But if I remember it correctly it was night at this time. Here we have sun light outside but 100% darkness inside a building.

At what time the light enters a building?

(I have made two screenshots to compare.)



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Guest Alan Lawrance

Things look pretty dark outside at 5pm due to the heavy snow... although it's still considered "day", which is why the interior is lit as if it's day.

Interiors use a somewhat simplified time-of-day lighting... basically there are "day" and "night" lighting conditions for the interiors, and that is based strictly on the clock (day starts at 5AM, night starts at 9PM).

So things are working "as designed" here, but as future polish we could try to make the exterior/interior match a bit better when it's snowing or a blizzard.

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