Sewing kits... for real, now. And thoughts on improvisation.

The last one

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First of all, love the game so far! Gritty experience, good atmosphere. Even for an alpha, it's quite a good experience.

A couple of things I suppose I should say.

I read that now there is a 100% spawn chance for the rifle in Mystery Lake - just that it's random. That's cool, and it makes sense. Could we please have the same thing for a sewing kit? The fact that I survived so long only to end up scrounging for food dressed in rags is a bit annoying.

For that matter, in the same way we can make clothes from materials we gather (pelts, leather), could we improvise some tools. Scrap metal + log = hatchet. Hook + guts = sewing kit? For the love of Gaia, please give me the opportunity to get a sewing kit. Thank you.

Going to try and hit the 50 days achievement now. See you on the other side! And thanks again for this lovingly depressing game!

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I completely agree one hundred thousand percent, I'm again on a very good run where I've cleared ML and half of CH and only found two sewing kits so far and one simple tools until day 40, one kit is already gone. I haven't cleared CH yet but given previous experiences I highly doubt I'll find many more of them, probably one more kit and tools. The game right now is too random which means that how long you succeed to survive depends mainly on what loot was available and only secondly on your skills. It should be the other way around.

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It depends on what you want to achieve opeth. If you're goal is to simply live a simulation you are right. But if you want to survive as long as possible this is an issue that needs to be addressed, because how long you survive depends on what loot you get and not on how well you play. Which to me seems unfair because there is nothing I as a player can do about it, other than to start over.

The guts+hook idea is great though and could be implemented without even adding new materials, I very much like that ;)

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il be an a-hole. if you started a game with not enough loot you have to deal with it and survive as long as you can.

Oh, my friend, you must be new to the internet if you think that qualifies you as an a-hole :D

That is a good point. Though I would say that a survivor would do anything to keep going. Even improvising simple tools and clothes made from recycled bedsheets or whatever.

i like the idea though of guts + hook = improvised sewing kit. btw if you run out of sewing kits and you have pelts and guts to spare, just craft a wolfskin jcket or deerskinboots or rabbit mitts, you dont need sewing kits for crafting them, just an fyi.

I pretty much implement the same system as TheHawk35 for those. Craft new ones as I need them. But then there are the long underpants, the sweater, hat and scarf which you can't craft and they just rot away.

Like Chill said, it's about surviving as long as you can, and doind everything you can to get there.

Glad you guys liked the guts + hook idea. There could even be an achievement linked to it, call it "MacGyver".

P.S.: Liked your Youtube vid, Chill. Sad way to go, but a good run nonetheless!

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