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Hello all.

Had this game for a couple of weeks now and after finally surviving for 3 weeks, I feel I can sign up here and boast a little bit. Spent my first dozen or so play-throughs getting eaten by wolves, but finally had one where I was able to survive long enough to find a rifle and some ammo. Now down to my last 9 bullets, got a load of uncooked meat, there's a blizzard outside and I'm already half starving, thirsty and fatigued. I'm at Misanthrope's so no indoor stove. If the weather doesn't improve sharpish I'll be getting ill on uncooked meat, so the future looks bleak.

I've only played the coastal highway so far, so if I survive the current situation, I'm taking my rifle, knife & wolfskin coat and trekking to the other map for the first time. Was planning on long-term living at Misanthropes with fishing, but not sure this is sustainable. I seem to have to eat a shed load of fish to get through the day, more than the fishing trip is actually worth. I've caught about 20-30 fish, but used 5 fishing tackles to do so. And quite often the hole is being exhausted after one or two fish are caught.

Haven't tried trapping just yet, so I might give this a go if I have the strength to get back to the coast.

On a personal level, I am a positive and enthusiastic individual who is motivated by a challenge. Not really, I like football, beer and computer games. Married with a three year old girl, working in IT support. Amateur prepper (not full-time nut case), which is why I love this game. Looking forward to see how it develops, because I don't think it's far from a top game now.

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Hi Woodbine,

Welcome to the forum!

I've got 2 tips for you in case you didn't know these:

1. Food poisoning isn't lethal. Your condition will drop to 15%, but as long as you stay hydrated and sleep a lot you will pull through.

2. It seems the chance of getting food poisoning has been dropped significantly with the last updates and you hardly ever get poisoned, even eating raw meat at 1%.

Fishing is just a waste of resources. Trapping on the other hand is very useful. Just set up about 6 snares in a location where there are rabbits (like at Jack Rabbit Island) and check your snares every 24 hours. You're bound to catch 3-4 rabbits every day and it takes hardly any work.

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@Woodbine, are we talking about craft beers or ipa's,,, you came to the right forum :) kidding aside yes, you cn eat raw espcially if youre really tempted to fish, once you catch a fish stock it up, i play it safe i eat raw fish which i call sushi, i best eat them if the condition is at 77percent to about 95percent dont cook it its just a waste of resources and calories. if im desperate i eat my sushi even below 75percent and a cold beer, its livin la vida loca :D

Used to be a real ale man. Now I stick to the german lagers. I've found it's better for the digestive system *ahem* the next day...

I think I'm going to use fishing as just something to do if I happen to pass a fishing cabin. The tackle is little extra weight. Quick couple of hours, food and on my way.

I've moved over to the mystery lake now for the first time. Found and defeated Fluffy and have set up base camp at the visitors cabin or whatever its called at the entrance to the lake. Tonight I'll check out the trappers homestead and hopefully spend a while going back between the two.

Bit gutted about all the stuff I left on the other map. I'd gathered it all at Misanthope's but there was too much to carry. Thought about a doing a few runs but its quite a distance. It's only really the 10 or so pieces of cloth that I wished I could have brought...

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