My big ideas for a big update !!


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Hi all from Belgium !! Hello super devs !!

First things first, I will try to put my ideas in good English. It's not my native language, please forgive my mistakes...

Great times for video games indeed! So great that I plan to buy a new computer to play TLD. And also Elite Dangerous as I love space exploration... And X-Plane as I love aviation as well... And Space Engine... And stop :)

So, here is my short lists of possible updates (my wishful thinking let's say) for your/our game. I'm not playing it yet of course so pardon my naivety about what I'm going to write about that topic, if that's the case. And I know some of the following ideas have already been requested but let's go (in random order):

> Add CANDLES!! It would be nice to find those and have a long duration, albeit weak, lighting to search for things and have some "cheap" light in fishing cabin for example without the need for fuel and lantern.

> Possibility to shatter glass from windows and use pieces as a weapon (with cloth or gloves only to avoid being hurt) or to build snares for small animals.

> Be able to harvest cloth from car seats as well as suck fuel from reservoir!! Meaning you have to find a pipe first...

> Be able to harvest scrap metal and other spare parts from car engine... And a pipe long enough to scoop fuel :)

> Possibility to sleep in cars, albeit for a limited time, just to recover a little bit from a wolf attack for example.

> Interrupt sleep in exteriors (fishing cabin, caves if possible) due to harsh climatic conditions or wolves screams...

> Add a new game mode! The DARK MODE (roll credits :D)!! WITHOUT THE RIFLE BUT WITH A BOW OR CROSSBOW!! Meaning you would only be able to kill a wolf or a dear when they are close enough due to the lower precision of the weapon. That would add to the difficulty and realism... Also, you would have to find or harvest yourself arrows with wood sticks for example (if you have a good knife). They would be reusable for one or two shots before being destroyed.

> Possibility to harvest powder from rifle bullets (let's say you would still find some of these in the Dark Mode) and use it to start a fire with wood sticks (better probability I guess)... And also, simply add the possibility to start a fire with simple wood sticks as well (more difficult of course).

> Possibility to take water from fishing holes, meaning only one fire pass to boil it. That would be nice! And reasonable...

> Animals carcass should be displayed according to their harvested state... Would look creepy but realistic :)

> Mandatory to harvest the hide first before the rest? Not sure if useful tough..

> Better wolves behavior and animations, staying in packs more often, maybe only watching at you sometimes instead of directly attacking you, eating a dear at two or three, etc. And more wild life in general! More dears, beavers, dogs, cats (maybe starving in a house) and BEARS!!! You could even take the dog with you for exploration, he could surely find some dead rabbits buried in the snow for you ! :) And you would have to feed him as well... Or heat him in the end if necessary!

> YES!! ADD BEARS!! Must have, that would be great. Even only two or three of them per maps, hiding in caves, etc.

> Possibility to mark tree trunks, with a knife or for better visibility with some colored cloth (the one from car seats?) attached to the trunk (with a rope or a nail if you have an hammer), thus for orientation or to mark a place where you have dropped some bandage and medicine (protected in a plastic bag or box) to quickly heal up after an attack without having run too far to reach the nearest house in case you have forgot to take bandage/medicine with you or you have already previously used the ones you were carrying... Just saying.

> Add BINOCULARS!! Useless? Maybe in the actual game version. But, STOP MAKING WOLVES LOOK BLACK and then, binoculars will become very handy if wolves color ranges between light and dark grey with random color variation! Or even white ones!! This is a must have!! :)

> Be able to construct fences for protection and/or, better, be able to block the entry of fishing cabins with harvested wood (logs) to avoid being attacked during sleeping at night (fire does not seem to stop wolves for what I have seen on youtube). Meaning you should find an hammer and nails (in cars?) to seal the entry, or build yourself one with wood stick, rock and rope or simply use the hatchets head. And don't forget your pry-bar to reopen entry...

> In the same way, possibility to hide and be protected during night in caves and caverns by blocking the entry with rocks or logs. AFTER the player have checked if there isn't already a big bear or a wolves pack in there!! As well, add wolves packs ;)

> Add child characters! Male and female, around 10 yo, with adapted camera perspective! Apocalypse for everyone!

After all, this game is children friendly I think, they would love to play "themselves" in the game. I think, IMHO.

> Be able to use chairs (or tables) to access higher furniture in houses! Would be especially useful for child characters!

> Add multi-user profiles as well (for families...)

> Add save games? And only for Pilgrim and Voyageur (if I remember correctly names). For example, auto-save after 20 days of survival in Pilgrim mode and after 50 days in Voyageur mode. Something like that. Nothing for Stalker and (future?) Dark Mode of course...

> Draw body character! So a player would directly see if he is bleeding at his leg after an attack for example. Just saying. But that would be nice. Don't we have already our arms?? :)

> Add a map and compass (well, the latter would be rather useless after a geomagnetic storm but why not if that storm has gone...) for orientation. Also, it would be nice to attach to it some sort of a notebook to be able to log and remember all the stuff you put here and there on the map... All that would be very nice especially if you plan to increase the size of those or add new ones.

> I see on youtube videos that TLD has wonderful clear nights with beautiful stars and a big nice moon. Fantastic BUT global scene illumination nowhere to be found!! Please consider lighting the scenery according to moon phase when clear skies occur, it would be great to be able to use moon light to explore and hunt. A least it seems that the engine is lighting the horizon with moons light, not sure. An absolute must have tough! Then, clear skies at night should also last longer then other meteorological conditions, to be able to take profit of moon lighting at least for several hours, as conditions are changing fast in TLD...

> Better, smoother day/night lighting transitions and meteorological effects transitions for that matter! Those effects are really nice but their transitions are abrupt (too fast, especially fog) and bad looking, kind of ruining the immersion...

> Heavy snow falls, really thick, greatly reducing visibility (but better than heavy fog).

> Trees moving according to wind speed, eye candy but feels "logical" when you see at what high speed wind often blows in the game... Would feel natural to see those tree moving in the wins. That would be thrilling especially with associated sound. Tough, I'm not sure if they are already moving in the winds, if that's the case OK but either the movement is tiny or I've not pay enough attention to that in videos...

> Patches of fog in plains, especially in the morning, moving according to wind speed and direction (slow speed of course, no fog above 10/15 knots). Small patches of fog on roads (morning as well). This more of an eye candy request but that would be nice, especially because wolves will surely hide in those patches (I imagine it is already the case with the "regular" TLD fog).


And not that short after all... Also I think I have used to much "would" in my sentences. No! You should do that! ;) I don't think those are particularly difficult updates but they would (again!!!!!) surely give you devs pretty good work times :)

Of course TLD is in alpha dev, but be careful when using that answer (for those who will), early access is great for players just because, and tell me if I'm wrong, we can interact much more with you master creators than with a standard big budget game, the development of which is of course closed/internal until game is released... Thus, maybe, letting us guide a little bit the project in a way or another (and I don't speak about big feature requested here like multiplayer co-op, which is stupid, TLD is a solitary-introspection kind of game experience, no need for multiplayer mechanics, it is well balanced as it is now). I will surely get a copy of TLD, the more we pay for it, the more you can develop it. But early access is also known for some project being just money grabbers without really evolving and "developing" for years at slow pace. Which is of course not the case of that beautiful TLD. Just saying...

ONE LAST CURIOSITY QUESTION FOR YOU DEVS: I see on youtube videos that player can enter the Forestry Lookout (if I remember well the name) without any black screen loading transition... Is there a technical in-game limitation that avoids you to do the same thing for every other houses/buildings in the game? Or will you expand that possibility later on? That would (arghhh again!!!) be nice... Especially (if exteriors in interiors can be linked) looking trough windows to watch for predators eventually sticking around or just looking at the weather, or watching stars without any risks and dream a little bit :)

That's it!! Waiting for some toughs from you, if you have time.

Continue the excellent work!



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They are surely well busy at work. For what I can see TLD is very nice already indeed.

Well I will surely play it as soon as I get my new PC. Actually I have an old MacBook Pro 2Go RAM and Nvidia 8600m with only 256Mo (you read right), can't play with that dinosaur :D


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Well yes, pretty old stuff...

Maybe I'll try, tough 256 Mo of VRAM will not be enough in my opinion. At least yours has 512 Mo or 1 Go of it. But I'm not aware of the minimal requirements for the game :?

I would rather wait to have good hardware and play it in its "full glory" ;)


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