Loot in containers vanishing


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Playing a game. Started on Mystery Lake.

Trying for the pacifist and silent hunter achievements, so I left the rifle in the bottom drawer of the dresser in the camp office, along with a number of other tools. Traveled to the Coastal Highway. Collected various loot on the way down to the fishing village, which I left in one of the lockers. Proceeded to explore the rest of the map.

After a few days, I went back to the fishing village to load up before heading back to Mystery Lake. The lockers were empty.

Made my way up the mountain and back to Mystery Lake. Got to the camp office, and the drawer that had my rifle was empty.

I also had a wolf pelt (was ambushed) in the workbench in the camp office that has disappeared.

I have attached my log (don't know if it will do any good, as I placed the items in the camp office and fishing village a few plays ago).

I don't know if this is by design (somebody else wandering around stole some, but not all, of my loot!) or a bug.


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Okay that last post of yours confuses me and points to a bug. But... stuff decays and if you found a rifle, chances are high it was already below 50%. You wrote you travelled to CH and back which probably took you some time, enough for the rifle to fall appart completely and vanish, because that what happens to stuff that gets to 0% condition.

Why it reappeared suddenly escapes me tough.

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Everything that was in the bottom drawer came back. And the drawer went from having 0kg to having almost 11kg. I think I hit a bug of some kind. Have not made it back to coastal highway to see if the stuff is back in the lockers.

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