Odd wolf behaviour...


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I had survived 30 days in ML and needed to head to CH to find some simple tools.

As I approached the bridge by the hydro dam a wolf came up to me. I popped a flare and the wolf ran away.

I spent 2 days in CH and headed back.

As I crossed that same bridge a wolf RAN past me on it, not even noticing me. I kept running along the railroad tracks.

I then got to the derailment and was again setup by a wolf. As I expected to be back at the Camp office soon I decided to fight it.

I fought it off and it ran away at a VERY low health level. I bandaged up and went to the office after noting where it ran to (up the hill from the derailment).

As I approached the back door to the office that same wolf attacked me again and 1 stab killed it.

I was then killed by another wolf patrolling the area but that's not unusual.

So the odd behavior:

- The wolf running as if scared when I got back to the ML map after 2 days away.

- The wolf I had injured attacking me at the office after it not being near me.

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