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I know that the main story is about William Mackenzie and he crashes into the dense mountain forest. But we can play with the idea that he and several others doing this and what this can lead to. This is a thread about if the story would take that turn. Please come with ideas who would lead this game into a new genre.

I also know that the main idea of the game is, currently, not making it into a multiplayer / co-op. Keep that in mind!

There are already games like Rust or Survive the Nights who is PvP or / and co-op, and they involves everything lawless. To kill the other is okay to survive. I'm tired of these types of games. What I wish about The Long Dark is the game is a co-op game there everything is about to survive and to fabricate things that you then can negotiate / swap things you need - then the game should be like real life. You are good at different things and and it will give a little village community feeling of the game.This is required to help each other so that everyone survive.

I would love to experience this with my friends, old and new, on a server - in a big open world.

That would be nice!

The Long Dark must definitely not be a game where you kill the other in a FPS fashion. That would destroy everything and that genre is already there. I want to have a game with a new twist, hopefully will The Long Dark lead in that direction, in a new direction, a new genre.


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