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It would be interesting to use the "inner monologue" to make the player aware of various requirements for processes/actions.

There are some generic ones already like "It's getting dark, I'd better find shelter soon..", but more context-sensitive ones that give "hints" on how to accomplish things would be cool, like (some of these suggest how non-instanced gathering could work):

- "I'm going to need some tinder and firewood to light this stove, a fallen-down tree would probably be good"

- "If I don't find some firewood, this fire won't last more than a minute, I can probably find a fallen tree somewhere"

- "I'm going to need something like a sewing kit to repair this"

Etc, etc...

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I would like to put my own 2 cents in RE: audio cues.

I personally am finding it pretty hard to locate good areas for tracking deer, rabbits, and bears. Also warning signs of wolves; the sound of them is the only thing I am using, but it can be a red herring at times too.

Don't bears normally damage the crap out of trees? Couldn't this be a cue to a seed area/regular haunt spot - that the protagonist might comment on? I can see there are some 'realism' issues with leaving expended carcasses around to warm about wolf areas (snow would cover it up pretty quick - but then so should all those corpses outside).

But if hunting/tracking/snares are the keys to long term survival it would be nice to have the protagonist perhaps audio cue you into some kind of hints. At the moment my rabbit snares are guess work at placement at best.

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