Realtime versus instancing?


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The amount on "micro-instancing" in TLD is kind of odd in this day & age. It's literally everywhere...

- enter a building

- light a fire

- cook/boil water

- gather (wood/animal items)

- repair

- craft

- fighting wolves

- sleep

In the above examples, there's a blurred distinction between a realtime "inventory/contents" paradigm and a time-based "freeze the game while it works" process instance, like gathering or cooking.

A lot of these things can/should be done in realtime, similar to Minecraft or Rust. If you want to cook something, you put it in the fire/stove, walk away and do other things while it cooks. You could accelerate the process to make it a bit less tedious (does it really take an half an hour to melt 1L of water from snow??)

To harvest animal products, you could "strike" the appropriate tool on the carcass and it generates the corresponding resource. The same for firewood; find a broken tree for tinder or wood and "use" the axe or your bare hands (gather rates would differ).

Some tasks and instances get blurry, like crafting, which logically requires your presence while it occurs, but maybe these could be developed into "mini-games" that requires some kind of user interaction.

"Magical" instancing is kind of a developer cop-out, making it easy to accomplish complex tasks/animations with a simple menu choice, but the overall effect is very disengaging.

Somewhere, there's a happy medium that keeps you immersed, and believing, in the world, but isn't too menu-centric for the most basic survival tasks.

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For me the oddity about time flow in the game is: The time of day and your crafting / foraging / gathering progress experience faster progression while you are currently doing them, whereas npcs (= "wolves") experiences normal time flow speed. E.g.: You boil water for 2 hours, while you see a wolf rather close to you in the background, who has not noticed you yet thou. For 2 hours the sun will move on, the shadows will fall, but the wolf will still move on normal speed. That is also resulting in making it not partilarily more dangerous to harvest wood for 12hrs versus harvest for 1hr in regard of wolf encounters (as their movement distance is just based on real time, not the time that adlegedly has passed in the game).

You could call this a bug, but i guess it is a result of an easier implementation and will probably be called a design decision by the developers, if you inquiry on this issue.

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