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I haven't done one of these in a while. I'm hanging out in the Forest Cave on PV.

Woke up nice and early:


Decided to go climb around those rocks out in front there and look out over the valley. It's nearly windless out, with the stillness you only get in the early early morning. I get over there, and look east along the ridge:


Then I turn and look west, towards the Radio Tower:


I settle in to watch the sun rise, but a few minutes later an eastern wind picks up:


I turn again to the east and face into the wind to get a feel for it:


I can tell that weather is coming. I climb around the formation because I noticed some fir logs over that way that had fallen in the night. I start chopping one up, and just as I'm close to breaking the last long piece that east wind brings a whiteout. I'm only steps away from my cave, and get back there and feed the fir into the fire, and turn to look out:


It doesn't look like I'm going too far this morning. The moose hide I have drying in the back of the cave should be ready to use to fix my cloak. I guess I'll turn to getting it in shape and see how the weather is when I'm done.

It's odd. As best as I can tell, it's been ten months since I crashed here, and yet there's been no spring... and the weather seems to be getting slowly worse. Is this the dawn of a new ice age? If it is, what will become of me... of us?

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This thread is dedicated to amazing screenshots. Be sure to put it into screenshot mode seeing as we don't all need a reminder that we're starving/freezing to death.

Hope there's food up there...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Exploring HRV with my nearly 400 day survivor:

First night, no cave or shelter found, but I found a good nook that helped cut the wind:


Got some venison off a ravaged deer carcass, and here I am cookin' it up and boiling up some water while sitting and looking out over the valley:


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The first two are from my second time at the summit of Timber Mountain. I went to a southern facing ledge to get pictures but ended getting stuck and not being able to get back up. I tried to climbed down in the morning but ended up falling to my death.




In the maintenance yard at Broken Railroad, first time experiencing the aurora. 



This is the oldest at April 2017. In between Misanthrope's Homestead and Jackrabbit Island at Coastal Highway, facing out towards the weak ice.


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On 6/16/2018 at 8:58 AM, Vonwoah said:

Foggy times in ML


Just encountered that fog tonight traveling in Mountain Town, exploring out from the Barker Farm. Seeing the old church emerge from green fog is not something I want to often repeat. Creepy as heck.

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12 hours ago, Samsonguy920 said:

Just encountered that fog tonight traveling in Mountain Town, exploring out from the Barker Farm. Seeing the old church emerge from green fog is not something I want to often repeat. Creepy as heck.

In Wintermute that's how i had stumbled upon the church the first time.

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