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This thread is dedicated to amazing screenshots. Be sure to put it into screenshot mode seeing as we don't all need a reminder that we're starving/freezing to death.

Hope there's food up there...

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You have to work a little to see such beauty in LD without penalty :)

Yes i love current version as much i did some of previous before a 2 years ago... (But this one is much better.. this one is far best of anything before!!!!)




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On 01/01/2017 at 2:36 AM, tnbp said:

Where is that second picture (the blizzard) taken?  I don't think I recognize that fence.

Pleasant Valley Farmstead, this is the Fence in front of you if you go out from kitchen through Veranda

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I feel like any place having a sale would be the Garage in CH. But I am not intimately familiar with this shop in PV...I still can't play TLD yet. I think it may be better suited in CH, the slogan. PV would need the flavor of 'Stock Up Pleasant Valley','We're Pleasant Valley' etc.

Don't stop though I love the creativity!

...and i love that the neighbors house is ruined.

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