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This thread is dedicated to amazing screenshots. Be sure to put it into screenshot mode seeing as we don't all need a reminder that we're starving/freezing to death.

Hope there's food up there...

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Wow, I remember someone complaining about loading times! From a disc, of course!

It's taking relatively long to load even from an ssd for me on cutting edge X58 platform high end ultra maximum computational unit!

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5 hours ago, Leeanda said:

Yes I was complaining about loading times! When you have time to use the bathroom whilst waiting then it's worth complaining about 😀

That's important,  since Will or Astrid don't have to. It's a design consideration, because game is so addictive people will miss out their potty times during gaming otherwise. 

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A chilly night at the summit.  Stepped out just long enough to get the picture; now time to hustle back to my campfire before the descent tomorrow. 

Night on Summit.jpg

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28 minutes ago, piddy3825 said:

I finally managed to escape GBI

only to encounter this...

That's your best one yet! Freekin'hilarious 😄


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