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2 hours ago, Stinky socks said:

@stratvox, you don't like to waste a lot of time. Fast traveler!

I'm sort of viewing it as a sort of challenge. I'm sort of making a custom difficulty that's like a cross between interloper and voyageur. In my head, I'm calling it "hunter" mode. I like having access to things like rifles and Cowichan sweaters and hatchets, but I also want intestinal parasites and interloper weather. I've also set animal detection of the player to maximum to make it harder to hunt. I've upped the animal's power to hurt me during melees, set wolf fear to max, and set both recovery settings to low. With these settings, it's taking four days to get back to max condition after a bear mauling, assuming nothing else goes wrong. Next time I iterate I'm going to start turning down the loot and maybe turning up the natural resources... but I'm going to get this guy pretty far in first because I want to see how the changes I've made affect the medium and late game; I'm just getting into the medium game now (I'm at a month in, he's wearing the bear coat from AC, waiting for a bear hide to cure at mountaineer's. I've got top notch clothing... I'm well set up. Now it's time to get the hunting relevant skills up. Deer are challenging when you're bow hunting and animal detection is set to max; you're a long way away from them when they start running.

I've got a moose hide curing, so the question is... do I wait? Do I make a bag and say to heck with HRV, or do I continue my run of grabbing the unique stuff right off the top? Do I make a moose cloak, and then head to HRV to grab the bag? Or should I go to HRV now and then come back to make the cloak? With the animal damage cranked, the moose cloak starts to look pretty good for its 25% armour value, and could be very handy to have in HRV. It's also day 35; with the cold settings that means I've got about another two weeks before it gets to the final temperature setting this guy's going to be living with for the long term; the cold is already cutting into the travel time of the day, so it's an open question as to which is better; get the moose cloak (its wind protection is also Top Shelf) then go to HRV or get that bag and come back before it gets harsher?

One of the things about this run is that there's voyageur levels of loot, i.e. a metric buttload. I've been almost entirely living on found food up to now, and I've no doubt that I can hammer my way through to HRV on the same basis (living on food found along the way). I came up ch -> cinder hills -> pv -> twm and would be going pv -> carter cave system -> wr -> ml -> mt -> hrv so the path is unlooted and I should have no problem finding food. Then again, that's just as true two weeks from now when I've got the cloak made and the coat I picked up in ac (yes, my outer coat is the bear coat; helps make the wolves less of a nuisance) repaired up to a decent level of condition.

Yeah, thinking on this, I've got lots of food here (a bear and a moose to cut up and transport to mountaineer's), and I'll be able to add a lot of insulation and armour value when this is all done. It makes sense to suit up before heading to HRV I think. I'll also be in a position to assess what it's like to travel in interloper cold in the best circumstances (which will be a first for me; the other times I've done it I was playing, you know, interloper, and stuff like cowichan sweaters and woollen long johns were just not available).


Heh, looking at this massive block of text... I guess the year of pandemic isolation's got me feeling voluble.

ETA: Oh yeah, that's right, I got stomped by a moose. This guy's definitely waiting before going to HRV for the satchel.

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belated revelation
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This thread is dedicated to amazing screenshots. Be sure to put it into screenshot mode seeing as we don't all need a reminder that we're starving/freezing to death.

Wilderness View From A Mountain I walked here for the shot, I didn't use console Fly mode

Posted Images

So, our pleasant valley adventures continue. After successful deep penetration into Ash Canyon, I didnt realize that I send all my prybars there for some ice fishing. Upon returning, oh hi little fella:)))


they 💝stinky. Anyways, where was I? Oh, yeah, so I had to do a round trip from Molly's farmhouse to community hall, because that's where my last drybar was. After retrieving her, I headed over to pensive lake through backcountry. 

There I met a wolf and after taunting me, I decided to fire at him. He charged and I missed. Chewed my meat and walked off after I whacked him with my hatchet. As he was running off, I knocked him down with a rifle. Being mad at him🙄I harvested 1 kilo of meat and dropped next to him. 

Proud of my achievement, took a photo and game crashed. Yeah😞

Fast forward, I am at pensive lake, making food.


now heading home, I decided to spare no wolf. They die from distance. I have enough ammo to feed them all, and besides, I'm heading to bleak inlet, where I can manufacture more where that came from.

At home, I realize I am out of wolf pelts, so I shoot two. Then third one as he's running away. It was a motion shot, like professionals do. Then one more barked from distance after I skinned them and I shoot that one as well when he's charging. 

Goid day. Ah, blood pressure going dwn.


well, then this happens.


Yeah, he wasn't too happy. Can you shoot through broken glass btw? Didnt know if there was invisi-barrier tech.


I now have a lot of meat and a lot of skin.

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After having good night's sleep at community hall in PV, I set out for my place on Coastal. Weather wasn't very good. Fog was lingering through the morning.

I can't see much, but I can hear bear snoring not very far. Shortly after, I find his tracks...


shortly thereafter, making a small detour, I find these! Thank you!


Making my way to the mine, I hear wolf bark and then whimper away. As I get closer, I see this scene unfurl. Enemy of my enemy is my friend...I guess? Thank you bear!


after reaching coastal, I am greeted with unlimited visibility and tranquil vistas of




Can't have my meat in your mouth. You'll have to settle for your own!!


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Agreed, once things go back to normal, I plan to open gift shop on Coastal Highway. People will be buying my leather craftsmanship left and right! Also, those bows and arrows I make, every guy and his kids will want one! Same goes for improvised tools:

"Harvest wood just like our prehistoric relatives did! Pick one up for you and 50% off for a friend!"

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Stinky hunt mode ON


Also this poor fella who I later skinned dry:


Then while digging in his meat, I completely forgot I am naked. Almost died..


As I was frantically dropping all his meat on the floor and getting dressed, I grabbed my secret weapon, THE STIM!! injected and ran a marathon to my hut!!! I swear there was smoke behind my feet as I was burning ice on the lake!



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5 hours ago, Stinky socks said:

I think I see one spot where you almost became dogfood🍗😂 looks like you are planning another wolf pelt throne decoration!

good eye,  

yeah the first one jumped me and fended him off with the knife.  I'll go look for his dead carcass after I'm sure he doesnt have any buddies left out there!

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So after one shot killing a bear yesterday in which I had to pause for a second to make sure that really happened because I didn't know that was possible, I ran into this big guy the next morning at the trappers homestead. Shot him in the face and he lived and to my surprise, he ran away to the hill behind him. I catch up and see him chilling behind a tree so I perch myself on a rock, crouch and when he appeared I was like "Well hai :3" Boom, right in his chest and dropped him.

It was unnecessary as I just got myself a bear yesterday but then I realized hey it's more cooking and harvesting skill :) 


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