Making The Long Dark Darker--Days Getting Shorter


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One thing that struck me as I lasted past 100 days is that the weather really doesn't change much. The game starts out in a typical late fall scenario with dropping temps, some fresh snow. But the daylight was still good and though you get blizzards you don't really see major snow drifts. I know increasing snow would probably be a real bug fest, but maybe you could program in dwindling light as a game progressed. That would add substantially to the late game challenge. By true winter you'd be getting light from noonish to four, depending on how high north this is supposed to be. And each day would be less and less daylight. Given how few people have made it more than say six months, there's no real need to program in spring. Thus earning the title "The Long Dark." Because right now it's more like the happy fun time early season when we run around and make snow men. Not the kick-you-in-the-teeth January where we rue being born.

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