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Hello, survivors!

I came across The Long Dark way too tardively, unfortunately. I wish I had contributed to the crowdfunding on Kickstarter but it was already over when I eventually heard of this video game. I have never been so responsive to survival games but I thought that I would give this indie production a shot. So, on an impulse, I have decided to buy it on the Humble Bundle store and I am more than happy to have taken the lead of spending some dosh on it because I truly dig it in spite of perhaps a lack of events (etc). I am aware this game is in some way its infancy but the developers seem to be driven by passion, animated by an indescribable will and full of good intentions and ideas. I am looking forward to witnessing the fruits of their hard labour. My first peregrinations in the world of The Long Dark went relatively well till I finally faced a wolf when I got out of a house. I got rid of it. My condition was under 25%. I felt relieved because the door of the house was just nearby. I could rest and take care of my wounds. But it was without taking account of the presence of another wolf that was in ambush at the angle of the house. I headed for the door... it was too late. :?

Oh, by the way, let me introduce myself. I am Raphaël, from France, from Normandy to be precise and, yesterday, our landscapes were finally draped in snow, offering us some refined views. It actually melted and today, they recovered their initial colour. My hobbies consist of reading, collectiong music and composing some very amateurish music every so often (with musical programs, the mouse of my computer using the pianoroll and a little imagination). I don't know if I am allowed to share with you some of my work. If it is not, do not hesitate to remove the links, I would not feel offended at all.






Keep this game alive. It is the promise of a successful experience.

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Hi there and welcome!

Went hiking the year before the last, north of france was awsome, especially the whole coast...whereas the south was quiet the opposite, also peoplewise :D

Nice music, even though it sounds a bit pop-ish. Making some music again aswell, so maybe I'm gonna upload aswell soon and we could exchange some oppinion if you wanna?

Hf with le game and cheers!

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Thank you sir

As for me, I have never been to Germany yet but my heart belongs to the adventure and when I get older and wiser, I intend to go around the world and marvel at the wonders the Earth is willing to offer us. Thank you for bothering to listen to my music. I will be glad to give yours a careful listen as well. Do not hesitate to share it through private message.

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