I need more wolves


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This game is too easy. Once you have the rifle the wolves just charge you for easy headshots. Wolves in the wild hunt in packs. I want to see up to 10 wolves charging and flanking me.

I would also like to skin and eat all of those dead Canadians who managed to die naked outside with no loot on them. Bears that break into your cabin while you are sleeping would also spice up the game.

How about a super hard hopeless mode where you start out as a supermodel or small child with zero survival skills. Like 10% chance to start fires and repair and can only carry 10kg?

If there is ever a multi player mode. Please let us play as predators.

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Wolves, in my opinion are just right hard in stalker mode. They come in packs, at least they are commonly not alone anymore (what I define for myself as kind of pack-improvement) or they will jump you from behind the smallest hills, so you almost have no time to react.

I even think the wolf ai is not bad at all ! Is it predictable for you what will happen to them when you wounded one of them and he runs behind a hill ? Will he wait you there, will he continue fleeing or is his dead body suddenly lying in front of your feet ?

It even seems some or all wolves remember if you scared them away some time, or wounded them and they survived. I had three meeting with wolves so far, when they suddenly screamed after seeing me and run away in panic. I not made one shot or did not carry a flare.

Agreed there are some tiny bugs with pathfinding, what the programmers already are solving on, but all in all I am really impressed so far with the behaviour.

I have a tiny problem with the wolves spawning from nowhere (even I haven't seen it happen yet), but still my imagination carries me so far as to say there are hidden wolf-caves and there come young wolves from there from time to time :)

Be prepared ;)

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