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Hey there,

It was my first game as voyager in Mystery Lake and it's been fun! (to die like that :P)

The first day just as I found a corpse with a hatchet a wolf attacked... I've been hurt but kicked his ass and after applying bandages and cleaned the wounds I followed it and looted. Then my luck was to be able to light fire the first time I tried near the rails. I escaped freezing and cooked that wolf and ate it all! And after the first night I've found that beautiful cottage on the starting page :D inside that cabin there was a rifle and some ammunition, food and fire :) But the greatest part was the workbench where I made the Snares and that gave me 3 more days to live.

But I've got bold... Shot a deer and tried to track it... well it seems that does not work that easy and after a half days tracking I've lost it's track. But just as I was freezing, I set the snares and found another cabin and for the next days those snares kept me alive...

But at the end of the day(not literally) I understood that it was crazy to stay there as rabbit meat barely kept me alive. Without a Jacket it really was freezing out there, so as soon as I ate my cooked rabbit I ran for the hills to find my cabin with the stove and the work bench... Aaand I've found it soon enough. I was so excited and it was around 6.50 p.m. the sun was just about to set and I tried to take a printscreen! the cabin the sun set and... the wolf... I haven't had any chance to pull my rifle when that frackin' wolf jumped me... oh!well... The Long Dark Haven't even started yet... I can feel it. :ugeek:

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