On mac game saves are saved in cache folder ...


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Guest Alan Lawrance

What version of the game are you running? This was a problem in earlier versions (it was actually a Unity issue, which was specifying the persistent data path under cache). This should be fixed in v.183.

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Did you try a to uninstall/ reinstall the game? If this problem should be fixed in the current version a reinstall might fix it. It's possible the game will still use the old save path since that's where it's been told to save at the time of the install.

Do your saves go to the Steam Cloud as well? You can let steam grab all your saves and it puts it on the Cloud. It's how I got back some of my lost Skyrim Saves.

I think the game needs to support this. And it seems like TLD does support Steam Cloud but doesn't actually store anything there yet:


0 bytes stored, so my savegame isn't stored there, nor are my settings.

But this could also be a bug in Steam, as all the games I've played recently say they have 0 bytes stored (if they support Steam Cloud that is).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.