I burned to death

Agent Ann

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I agree with @Bill Tarling.

i set my fire up in CH at jackrabbit I think, cooked my food, boiled my water, I was tired enough to sleep all night, all was good 

In my effort to get as close to the fire and keep it shielded from the wind, I had no way to get out. No big deal I'm thinking.……wrong. 

They call me……bacon:painkillers:

Good thing is you will remember a goodly long while and then forget or rush or whatever and cook yourself again. :fire:

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I have never once burned myself in the TLD. I dont know why because I often get really close to the fire, though I am being mindful of it. Strange is you can pretty much place your bedroll on fire and (at least i never noticed) it wont be ruined or damaged (as far as I know, I never noticed it would get damaged). But yea, be mindful of fires - you dont really get much warmer by getting closer to it then a safe distance away (unless it is in wind shielded area and you are not). Even in cramped spaces, you can often avoid it if you are careful. One tip I would give, I guess - is to never place fires in a way of where you normally go - example the mentioned Jackrabbit island - that house has a railing you can go around. I am used to go behind it for safety paranoia issues (I know wolves couldnt get me behind that railing) - so I would never place a fire there. Or under the back exit door of Camp Office - chances are I would go through the front, with fire burning outside for charcoal source, and then step outside again through the backdoor, right into the fire... 

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I haven't died yet from a fire, but after playing for like a month I lit a fire outside the Riken to cook some meat without increasing my cabin fever chances. I started it what I thought was pretty far from the opening....but apparently you spawn a lot farther from the opening in the Riken then I realized. I backed up pretty fast and pretty ticked off...

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