The anything but run


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So the last run was one of the most interesting, difficult, and frustrating that I've had yet.

I started on ML map on voyager level. and was dropped in Alans cave in the middle of a storm at 4pm!.

So I made a quick run to the camp office and got there safely. As I expected as the camp office was the first building I entered in this game it had very little in it (has anyone else observed this)? But it had enough to keep me going until the weather cleared the next day.

I went looking around the lake and there were no weapons, lanterns, or tools in any of the lake cabins. The fishing huts got me 3 bullets and 3 flares.

The next day I checked out the tunnel collapse and found food, struck out to the trappers homestead, and on all the bodies along the way including Max all I got was some food.

I got to trappers and there was no gun, or knife, but there was FINALLY a can opener!

In the cabin there was also 12 rifle rounds and 2 flares!

So I from there I explored everything but the Hydro dam, and wound up with a total of 22 rounds and 7 flares, 1 hatchet, 2 knives and no gun.

I realized that I'd eventually need to get the gun, so off to the dam I went. I figured that I'd go in with a flare ready to keep fluffy at bay.

But as I ran to the bottom level there was no fluffy! I got to the rifle, and as I picked it up fluffy jumped me, I survived! As I was bandaging she hit me again and I went down. Total 5 days, and I would have been in great shape if I'd gotten the gun earlier.

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Fluffy is one sneaky critter. I swear the AI is different for that wolf. Several times at the Hydro dam I hear nothing and still get jumped. Other places they usually give a bark or growl, but Fluffy is really quiet. Even when I must have been within feet of her.

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