Will I have access to new maps on my current game?


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I bought the game recently on Steam and since I've been playing there haven't been any updates and I've been wondering about whether my current Save will update new features/maps or if I'll have to start over to access new content?

I'm getting to be quite proficient at survival now and it would be much more motivating if I knew that I'd have access to a new map without starting over.

Thanks for any info

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It depends on each update - some the saves are clear, and others (like the update from v.170 to v.183) the saves will work... however, you might not have all the features of functions due to the old data.

Personally I think small updates/hotfixes are fine using the current saves [they're aren't usually changing the entire mechanics]... but each major update should wipe the previous saves.

It's not just for consistency [so that everybody is playing the same game on equal footing], but also because allowing old saves also allows continued use of old settings and exploits - you're not really playing a fully updated version. As well, while I don't bother with leaderboards or achievements, a lot of players do - and being allowed to port over your progress from an easier prior version into the new version shouldn't really count if you want players to feel the game is being fair.

Another big issue would be feedback and bug reports... If you're playing an updated version, but using older version data; the data is corrupted [i.e. not necessarily accurate for the most recent update]. Old bugs (now fixed) can also be ported back into the game. Old mechanics and items which have been changed may revert back to the old settings - so that can become a logistics nightmare sorting through reports and feedback based on info that had already been fixed but is still registering because it was an old save.

Since the game is in ALPHA stage, it should be expected things will be changed: new items, new areas, new maps, bug fixes, things moved around, etc. The devs usually give a hint when the new version is approaching so players know their current run might be affected soon, and so it's like a notice to get in whatever you were striving to reach while you can... and so personally I think it should be a normal expectation that with each new Major update [which currently is 1-2 times per month] the current game saves would also get a fresh reboot so everybody is on the same clean version.

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Jeremy - Thanks for the reply

Bill - I agree with everything you've said. I was hoping that when updates are released, everything would just apply to current games and therefore everyone would be playing on equal footing and up to date. I can see how that may not be possible for it to work like that though.

I noticed only 1.4% of players have survived 50 days or longer, so I also see how clearing saves won't affect many players significantly. I quickly got really into the game and learned enough to the point where I'm not thinking in terms of days or even weeks anymore, but possibly years of surviving! However, with that comes a considerable real life time investment and some long stretches in game where I'm doing some pretty monotonous routines while well established at a base before eventually moving on again (which I find the exploring and re-establishment the most fun part of the game).

I guess I'll have to decide if I just want to mess around for now then, while a lot of new stuff is being regularly added and then go for the super-long run when the game is more stable and complete.

Amazing game so far guys, I really enjoy it!

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