abandoned lookout issues - uberwolf?


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I'm playing at medium level; have survived 32 days.

I woke up from a nap in the abandoned lookout, exited, and a wolf was on the ground staring directly at me.

it charged up the stairs and has be trapped in the lookout.

I've napped for 4 or 5 hours and it's still barking.

So 1 potential bug is that it needs to give me some space to exit (right?) or, if it has left, the barking needs to stop.

ALSO, when before I went to sleep with the wolf at the door, I had a bunch of food, including 2 kg of cooked venison (90+ condition). when I woke up they were both gone. no fair!

I really don't want to lose this game - it's taken so long to get to this point! (mittens, boots and wolf coat all made with 18 rifle bullets to play with!)

thanks for looking into it.

UPDATE: I forgot...when I opened the game the "where you are" information said "coastal highway" instead of "abandoned lookout." seems like that suggests something changed from the previous session. thanks - love the game!

UPDATE: my output_log is attached from this morning now. It sounds like this is a known issue...any update on this forthcoming?



Intel Core i7-200 CPU @ 3.40 GHz

3.800 GB ram

64-bit OS

Windows 7 enterprise OS SP1

ATI Radeon HD 5450 Internal DAC(400 MHz)


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The wolf won't leave no matter how much time passes. Maybe during a blizzard but I highly doubt that. Also, the longer you stay the more you are at risk of being spotted by other wolves. This leaves you with:

Option 1: fight it. I'd gather by now you have a hunting knife and hatchet, hopefully bandages and antiseptic. You'll hardly have the chance to shoot it and it won't run away from the peng, so don't even try. Focus on fighting it, 2-3 left clicks and then 5-8 right clicks, again some left, right, off it goes.

But (there's always a but in this game :D), be extra careful that no other wolves are approaching from the slope north and there's the issue with the superwolf. As others have reported and I myself have experienced, this wolf happens to kill one with 1-2 strikes, even when you're at 100% condition.

That's why I prefere

Option 2: run. Be sure to not be encumbered and that running is toggled (you can set this in the menu so you don't have to constantly press shift). The escape route is left when you come down the stairs, over the ledge on the foot of the hill. Run and try to go down as soon as it gets shallow enough so you won't jump.

Option 1 got me killed twice, option 2 saved my life once.

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thanks. so, I'm curious, is the wolf literally right side the door of the abandoned lookout, or is he at the base of the stairs in the snow? (I thought I saw somewhere that wolves won't climb stairs?) If he's at ground level, wouldn't I be able to try and hit him with a head shot and knock him out?

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I had a similar problem just the other day, a wolf was patrolling the area under the abandoned lookout and I was stuck (I'm trying to get the pacifist achievement). I took several naps, but the wolf was still there. It didn't bark at me yet tho, because he didn't see me.

I stayed on the stairs watching him and after a while he started walking away. I shifted a bit on the stairs to view better, the stairs made a noise... and the wolf turned, came back under the lookout and went on patrolling! Another wolf joined him, he was walking a few meters away and as soon as he heard the noise he came to check as well. The bastards can hear the slightest noise!

So I kept still and went on watching. After a while the two walked away and when they disappeared I was able to leave the lookout. This made me realize that sleeping in the lookout is like foraging wood: it's a timelapse for the player but the animals keep moving at regular speed. So when I went up to rest after seeing the wolf for me an hour had passed, but for the wolf it was just a few minutes (since the lookout isn't a separate map and thus is considered "outside"). Then going back down to check I was making noise, compelling the wolf to stay there and go on searching.

I like this detail of the wolves' AI, but it would be surely more realistic if the animals didn't "freeze" in time while the player is sleeping.

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You don't even need to wait for them to leave. if you go down to the top of the last step, you can position the wolf so that he is one one side or the other, and then you zoom down the stairs and straight down the steep cliff. You don't have to go very far to avoid them - they won't climb/jump down steep inclines.

I've done this twice now, once with one wolf, and once with two wolves.

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