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-I occasionally wish that I got to experience dreams while the avatar slept. Not every night, but maybe when I'm sleeping off food poisoning or survived a miracle like three wolf attacks in a day.

-I also sometimes think it might be nice to be able to add personal notes to the log. It would by no means be a necessary activity but some days it just looks like I ate then slept then ate more ... but the reality is much heavier.

Mostly, I just wish for some way to break up the quiet on the especially successful (long) games. I've made it to 215 days now -and still not dead- and I really appreciate that the challenges of making it this far are completely different than the ones I survived on day 10. However, the repetition becomes grueling and I think a bit of something to break it up might help the longer games. By no means am I suggesting that survival should involve less work, or less repetitive work (because that's the game) but a few more elements of flavor, introspection, or reflection might give an added satisfaction to surviving.

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